What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to pay for the unexpected losses that can arise when things go wrong before or during a trip or vacation. Travel insurance can pay for things like vacation and trip cancellation, baggage damage/delay, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical and health expenses, evacuation, repatriation, accidental death, overseas funeral expenses, legal assistance and more.

Why do I need this plan?

Travelling, whether on business or leisure, exposes you to a wide variety of risks: personal accidents, flight/baggage delays, missed connections, lost baggage/passport, even hospitalisation in unfamiliar locations are just some of the common predicaments that you and your family may encounter. That is why you need a travel insurance that covers these common predicaments and safeguard you and your family against the unexpected when planning a trip.

What is the scope of cover of My Ar-Rehlah?

The plans available in our platform is similar to to the products offered by the insurers themselves. Generally, the list of coverages are as follow:

  1.  Personal accident
  2.  Medical and its related expenses
  3. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  4. Loss of travel deposit or curtailment of journey
  5. Loss of travel document, baggage, personal effects and money
  6. Personal liability
  7. Delayed baggage
  8. Trip cancellation, delay or overbook
  9. Missed travel connection
  10.  Hijacking

Recently, some of our partners have started to include Covid 19 related coverages as well. Please visit the insurer’s pages here to see more.

When will the insurance coverage begin & for how long?

Your coverage will begin from your intended departure date to your intended end date as mentioned on the policy certificate.

Can I travel without my documents?

Yes, an identification number or passport number is all that is required for proof of insurance when travelling; however, we recommend you take the Emergency Travel Assistance with our helpline number with you when you travel. This will be provided with your insurance document.

Is there a maximum period of cover?

Yes, the maximum period of cover for one-way trip is 180 days, for two-way journey is 100 days and for annual cover is 1 year.

What plan I should take if I am travelling with my family members?

You can take either a plan for yourself and/or your family* members. If you purchase a family policy, coverage for each family member is apportioned from the total sum assured. In the case of a claim, compensation payable will be in accordance to the portion allocated to each member and should not exceed the sum assured in total. (* Note: “Family Plan” including you and your spouse and accompanying children the age of 18 and below. “Family Members” including your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, brother, sister, children, grandchildren, legally adopted child or sibling; all residents in your home territory.)


Who is eligible for this plan?

Everyone who resides in Malaysia from the age of 1 month to 71 years old*.
* Dependant below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Who is eligible to be covered under the family plan?

The family includes you, your spouse and all your accompanying children aged 18 years old and below.

Can I insure for single trip or annual multi-trip travel option?

Yes, you can insure for single (one-way) trip, two-way journey or annual multi-trip travel.

Payment & Premium Related

How premium is calculated?

Premium will be calculated based on the region and period of cover.

How do I purchase the Travel Insurance?

You may purchase any of the insurance product available at https://apply.myarrehlah.my/ and proceed with online payment.

Can I insure for single trip or annual multi-trip travel option?

Yes, you can insure for single (one-way) trip, two-way journey or annual multi-trip travel.

Compensations Related

If I have purchased more than one travel insurance policies, will I be compensated for each policy?

If you have purchased more than one travel insurance policies, in the event of your demise and disablement, you or your beneficiary, as the case may be, will be compensated for each policy. However, for certain losses such as medical expenses, which are compensated on reimbursement basis, you will only be compensated once for the actual loss suffered.

What if I cancel the trip due to emergency?

Our trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you if it turns out that you have to cancel your trip due to sudden illness, accidental bodily injury, death or fortuitous cause beyond you or your family control. However, you will not be reimbursed if you cancel the trip due to pre-existing medical conditions like an old back injury flaring up, if you change your plans, if your job forces you to stay in town or if you can’t go because of personal finances.

What if my touring company goes belly-up?

If the touring company or cruise line goes out of business, our tour fare protection coverage will cover your actual loss of irrecoverable deposits or full payment paid for air-tickets or tour packages.

What if I get sick and need see a doctor or need to be hospitalised when I travel abroad?

You may seek medical assistance immediately. Our medical coverage will reimburse you for medical, surgical, hospital and nursing home expenses incurred overseas as a result of accidental injury or sickness including emergency dental treatment. Also, you will receive daily hospital cash allowance up to RM7,000 for being hospitalised for 24 hours or more.

Does this travel insurance compensate me if my flight is hijacked or my trip delayed due to an act of war?

Yes, our emergency coverage covers terrorism and hijacking. However, you will not be paid if your trip was cancelled or delayed due to an act of war or when there are traces of nuclear, chemical or biological agents.


What should I do if emergency assistance is required or if I am in the event of damage/ loss?

You may take the following actions:
i) Contact the medical and emergency travel assistance hotline at +603-7660-9199 for
medical advice, referrals, medical evacuations and travel related matters such as lost
passport and baggage.
ii) Notify the authorities such as local police, hotel, transportation company or terminal
authorities, whichever is applicable.
iii) Notify SYARIKAT TAKAFUL MALAYSIA BERHAD/GBSB immediately or as soon as reasonably

How do I make a claim?

Claims can be made after the trip is completed and return from abroad. Claims can be made directly from the underwriter of your chosen insurance product. You can refer to your underwriter’s product disclosure sheet and certificate of cover for their claims procedure.

What kind of documents my family or I need to complete and submit?

Complete and submit the Claim Form to Gabungan Baiduri Sdn Bhd together with the following

For Non-fatal case (Medical expenses/PA):

  1. Tour operator’s confirmation of booking invoice
  2. Copies of airline tickets
  3. Medical report
  4. Original medical bills & receipts
  5. Original receipts for all amounts claimed for additional travel & accommodation
  6. Confirmation of admittance and discharge from the hospital for hospital benefit claim

For Fatal case:

  1. Tour operator’s confirmation of booking invoice
  2. Copies of airline tickets
  3. Copy of police report, medical report, death certificate or post-mortem report
  4. Letter of Administration

For cancellation:

  1. Cancellation invoice from Tour operator
  2. Complete medical report/certificate (if on medical grounds)
  3. Other supporting documents

For curtailment:

  1. Letter of confirmation from the treating doctor confirming that it is necessary to return
  2. Original receipts on all amounts claimed
  3. Other supporting documents for curtailment

For travel delay:

A written confirmation from the airlines/shipping lines regarding the period of delay (number of hours) and the reasons for it.

For personal luggage/ money/ travel documents:

  1. Original receipts for all items claimed & description of the items if not shown on the receipt
  2. Property irregularity report issued by the airline concerned if baggage is lost or damaged by an airline
  3. Letter from the airline confirming the duration of and the reasons for delay for the Personal Luggage Claims

Who from my family is allowed to claim in the event of death occurrence?

The nominated beneficiaries or Legal Estate of the Insured.


Are there any exclusions?

Yes, losses caused by certain events are excluded from the cover. Some common exclusions

  • War and kindred risks
  • Nuclear hazards
  • Radiation, contamination by radioactivity or nuclear weapons material
  • Suicide, insanity or self-inflicted injury
  • Illegal use of alcohol or drugs
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Venereal disease, AIDS or AIDS related complex
  • Provoked murder or assault
  • Certain hazardous or high risk sporting activities such as racing, mountaineering,
    parachuting, hang-gliding or private aviation
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion or miscarriage
  • U Baggage delay & loss of baggage & personal effects due to seizure or destruction under quarantine or custom regulation

(Refer to policy for full details of Exclusion Clauses)