Our Journey

MyArrehlah Story.

MyArrehlah is one of the branches of product offered by Gabungan Baiduri under the umbrella of Travel Insurance. 

Started out as a fully staff operated backoffice operation like your everyday insurance agencies, we started experimenting with digitalisation in our business processes to supercharge our operations and allow us to handle more issuances. However, there’s little room for mass improvements, especially when all hands are on deck – just printing out cover certificates. 

Enter, Covid 19.

adapting to change

Covid 19 was rough.

Covid 19 happened , and the whole world took to a still. Airlines grounded, borders closed, and it’s all but business as usual for everybody in the traveling domain. We took a grand hit ourselves, but we weather on.

During this time, after ensuring that the staffs are taken care of as best as possible for a good while, we’d also set aside some funds to kickstart our digitalisation efforts, in celebration of change, and also in adapting to it.

After some downtime, MyArrehlah travel insurance platform is now ready for service and comes with 4 major insurance providers in Malaysia built into the product. We set out for more additions in the months to come – by improving our relatively young digital platform and adding more products for better range of options.

MyArrehlah Attributes


Our primary focus is always to provide the best options to our customers while they compare and decide themselves. We’re here to assist, should you require any.

Easy Claims

Claiming for your incidents should not add more to your hassle. Our agents are always on standby to expedite your claims so that we can get you compensated, fast.

Enterprise Friendly

We’ve always had it good with companies and public organisations. Our familiarity with their business processes allow us to accelerate their application.

Planning to Get Insured?